Simplify Your Life with PocketStand

PocketStand is the world’s first mobile phone stand that enhances sound, is flexible for portability, and fits over your current phone case! For all your mobile phone entertainment and communication needs. Pop it in your pocket, purse, or bag and go! You will love your phone even more! See FAQ and Sizing Page.

PocketStand Is Your Mobile Phone Assistant

We use our mobile phones for every facet of our lives now. From personal to professional and private to social, our phones connect us to the world and each other. Make that connection happen with PocketStand and Simplify Your Life. 


Sleek, Elegant, and Versatile


Clearly hear your teachers with our sound enhancer


Answer video calls handsfree

Dinner Time

Handsfree entertainment during meals

Exercise Anywhere

Flexible design means you can take pocketstand anywhere


Ideal for relaxing on long journeys

You will LOVE your phone even more!

We never charge handling fees and always ship same day/next morning.

More colors coming soon!

Return if not satisfied for full refund!

All of our products are made in the USA.

Epiphani, LLC


I don’t have to cup my hand around the speaker anymore. That always bothered me. Now I use my phone comfortably. And, it fits over my case. So easy. 

Louis C. Los Angeles, CA

I love using it when doing my makeup. Watching a tutorial is super convenient with PocketStand. I keep one at my vanity table and one in my bag for lunchtime. 

C. Fox Syracuse, NY

"Got mine last week. Super convenient and great value. Choice of size and colors make PocketStand a great tool."

Laurent M. Seattle, WA

"Fits well over my phone with or without my case on. Has the perfect angle and it's flexible yet sturdy."

Deirdre H. Saint Pauls, NC

Within the first week, I’ve noticed the swelling in my arthritic hand has gone down. Now I have less stiffness in my hands and wrists. It’s so easy and convenient to use. I’ll definitely be buying one for all my friends. 

Darcy K. Portland, OR

Love the stability and amplification. I use it primarily at work when I take my lunch!

Julia H. Beaverton, OR

My PocketStand goes everywhere with me. It works perfect for watching YouTube on breaks and my kid loves it for her games.

Gary W. Portland, OR