About Us

At Epiphani, we create products with innovative designs that support your lifestyle, that help you adapt to our tech-infused world, and that work just as advertised. Epiphani is where simple solutions become elegant designs.

My name is Paul Choi, founder of Epiphani and inventor of PocketStand. The idea germinated when I realized how tired I was of leaning my phone against drinking glasses, cupping my hand to amplify the sound, and suffering from arm strain by constantly holding my phone. I searched the malls for a phone stand that fit over my phone case, that enhanced sound, and that was pliable or squishy so I could just pop it into my pocket and take it with me -- three needs I wanted to address. I found the phone stand market completely devoid of any product that fit my needs. So, I decided to design, market, and distribute it myself. Now, everyone can enjoy handsfree entertainment on their phone while relaxed and comfortable, without straining to hear the sound. It was an idea waiting to happen.

In 2019, I left corporate America and founded Epiphani with the purpose of designing products that were made with integrity and ingenuity. Our goal is to provide products that make everyone’s  life more enjoyable and more convenient. After several prototype design phases, we arrived at today’s PocketStand: the world's first flexible, portable, sound enhancing phone stand on the market. And all made in the USA. PocketStand can now be your new mobile phone assistant and simplify your life. You will love your phone even more. 

Epiphani, LLC will be donating 5% of all net profits to Covid19 related charities to help our communities deal with the pandemic. This is a chance for all of us to give as much as we can and help each other through this difficult time

Best Regards,

Paul Choi and Team Epiphani